Keith Marr with Three Trombones

Keith David Marr (b.1955)

Although composing since the age of 12, Keith's catalogue of works contains a long hiatus between Opus 6 and Opus 7 due to his rather foolhardy pursuit of a non-musical career. Since purchasing Sibelius software in 2002 his output has increased considerably.

He is completely self-taught, having spent hours from a very young age plonking away on the keys of the family piano. Influences are many and varied, the main ones being, in no particular order, Part, Gorecki, Hovhaness, and Britten. With the exception of one or two experimental pieces his style would be best described as mainstream romantic, although some works have minimalist leanings.

Keith has a Masters Degree in Modern History and hopes at some stage to take his doctorate, providing there's a big enough gap in his composition schedule!

As for that non-musical career? Starting off as a hot metal compositor, he went into computer typesetting when technology rendered that obsolete. With the onset of desk-top publishing he graduated into graphic design and proof-reading/copy-editing as a freelance before becoming a production editor, initially for a University Press and subsequently for a London-based charity. Sadly his career was cut short by illness, but on the "cloud with a silver lining" principle this made for time to revisit his musical career.